PVC pipe can last 100-plus years

A new study from Utah State University’s Buried Structures Laboratory, led by Steven Folkman, author of “PVC Pipe Longevity Report: Affordability & the 100+ Year Benchmark Standard” says PVC pipe material can be expected to provide reliable service for at least 100 years. Experiments on water systems in North America from 1964, 1987 and early 1990s indicate the plastic pipes still meet applicable standards today. Plastic has the lowest rate of breaks compared to ductile iron, cast iron, steel, concrete and asbestos cement and currently makes up a third of US water infrastructure. Price quotes for PVC are half the cost compared to iron- its cost efficiency and durable conditions sets the foundation for increase use in the country. The goals of the study were to continue exploring the reliability and longevity of PVC pipe and to support research efforts to address concerns over water service sustainability and affordability.

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