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PVC pipe can last 100-plus years

A new study from Utah State University’s Buried Structures Laboratory, led by Steven Folkman, author of “PVC Pipe Longevity Report: Affordability & the 100+ Year Benchmark Standard” says PVC pipe material can be expected to provide reliable service for at least 100 years. Experiments on [...]

Briefing on Fair and Open Competition in the Procurement of Piping for Water Infrastructure

“As local, state and federal governments continue to make significant investments in improving our water infrastructure, it is important that agencies purchase the most effective and economical products. Some state and local agencies have outdated regulations that limit the types of products that can be procured, even if those products are not the best suited for a project. It is disconcerting that federal funds are used in some instances to buy these inferior and more costly products.

Alternative materials like plastic pipe can offer project savings in materials costs, labor and maintenance. Several U.S. cities have utilized this alternative material to ensure savings; up to 70 percent in the case of one California city. As our nation’s water infrastructure is rebuilt, new technologies and better materials should be considered.”